Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Seriously, Biggie, Seriously????

I brought Biggie and The Smalls home as kittens the first week in July. In October, Biggie had found a pool noodle in the closet and ate it. $4,000 worth of surgery later... I tossed out all pool noodles in the house.

Yesterday, I got out my kick board (from at box at the top of the closet) and put it by my suit in the bathroom so I could remember to take it to the pool. Yes, it's made of pool noodle material. And yes, Biggie found it immediately and attacked it with vigor. I discovered this about 30 minutes after I left it in the bathroom. I immediately threw it away. (This morning, I used my backup which I stored in my hoodie in the closet until time to go to the pool and will be leaving it in my car forever.)

I've been watching Biggie for signs of 'time for surgery #2 got the $$???'. And he seems fine. But today, about 11, I heard someone throwing up. I ran to see and it was Biggie and he threw up some nice big chunks of green kick board!! I cannot imagine how embarrassing it's going to be to take him back to the vet for Pool Noodle #2.

He does seem fine. And is eating and drinking and picking on The Smalls like normal. So... fingers crossed.

In other wild and crazy news... I found out that the Home Owners Association, at the meeting last night, overthrew the government that has been in place for about the past five years or so. The current HOA president has been president for that long and pretty much hand picked the rest of the board. Well that shit ended last night. She ran but so did lots of others. The others got elected and she did not.

Only one former member of the board remains. (Normally there are only 2 or 3 new board members but for a variety of reasons - mainly due to how the former president hand picked - 4 out of the 5 slots were filled.) The former member moved here in 2017. Another one moved here in 2018. The rest only bought their units and moved in during the last year.

So... there are going to be some changes round here... Maybe they will be good changes? I'm worried about their ability to manage with fiscal responsibility. I don't want to literally be paying for their mismanagement. What's even more worrying is the management company we pay big bucks to, has assigned yet another person to be in charge of us. They change our people about every 3 months it seems but this time we got a certified dodo. He keeps sending out emails that make no sense and then sending out corrections that make less sense.

On the up side, as my brother so rightly pointed out, everyone on the board has an investment to protect. Each of them paid more than 4 times what I did to even buy into this building so it's not like they are going to intentionally trash the joint.

Should be interesting.

Biggie is asleep here next to me. I just poked in him the butt to see if he was ok and he popped his head up quickly and gave me a look that said 'WTF???'
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