Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Today I integrated a kick board into my swim. I thought maybe it was time to work on legs and butt and back. So kick board. I thought it was slow and boring and I decided, by the end, that maybe it as not that good a plan. BUT, Donna, the pool walker/jogger was there today and she complemented me on 'changing it up' and on my fast kicking! Donna teaches swimming and aqua aerobics so she knows her shit. And, since I'm a sucker for a complement, I am now totally into the kickboard.

It hurt my elbow and my neck and my upper arms. And a couple of videos about how to do it, cleared all that right up. So now I'm all inspired and ready for more tomorrow!

The cats were marginally less annoying last night. The Smalls was all up in my face and kept trying to sit on me. Biggie was chasing something loud by the dresser. And, once again, Fitbit says I slept fine. I wonder if Fitbit is really sleeping with someone else... stepping out on me. hmmmmm

This morning, coming home from the pool, there was a highway sign flashing a Senior Alert for someone in a Lexus. My thought.... You go! Not only did they make a get away but they did it in style! Impressive.

Tonight is Mariner night. They started this three years ago. They have a special night in January for premium season ticket holders. It draws maybe 200 people. They line the halls in the inner workings of the stadium with cocktails and up scale hors d'oeuvres and have a bunch of cool Mariner exhibits. You get to see the workout rooms and batting cages and training rooms. The players' locker room has more cocktails and food and actual players, managers and executives you can mingle around and talk to.

Then they hold a little program where they showcase some players and offer up Q&A. It's all pretty fun and interesting. Like the past two years, I am taking ljtourist as my plus one. He makes it more fun and interesting. So I'm really looking forward to tonight.

Meanwhile today, I'm not sure what's on tap. I'm kind of caught up on house stuff and finance stuff and all the laundry is done. I could do a small grocery run. I could stay here and knit. Or maybe read or ... so nice to have choices!

But, first I need to powerwash this chromebook. I thought I fixed the OS issue last week but, apparently not. Try, try again.

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