Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I could just Frankenstein my head...

So I finished the long sleeved cat fabric tunic. When I shook it out to take a final look, I realized I had the cats in the neckline upside down. No one would ever notice but it would bug me until forever. So I cut the collar off and turned the cats right side up and sewed it back on.

Then I put on the top to take a picture. Ooops. Someone was a bit sloppy with the alignment there. DOH!


Pop my head off and rotate it around a bit or fix the collar yet again... dilemma.

I cut the collar off yet one more time and lined it up correctly and re-attached. Done. Cats in the center and right side up. Whew.

And I did the laundry. All of it. And folded it and put it all away. And cleaned up the sewing room. I'm such a busy beaver.

I made the most delicious quiche for lunch. The place that used to sell the nice tart shells now only sells very small ones and tiny ones. So I wanted to try it with grocery store crust molded into a small dish. Worked fine. And quite yummy and so easy to do.

I was thinking about getting dinner sent in but then I remembered tomorrow. When I get dinner delivered, I like leftovers and tomorrow night I'm eating out so maybe I'll order in on Friday. I've got freezer fodder for dinner tonight.

In other thrilling news, I finally got Alexa to open up my front door lock. The lock opens automatically when I walk up to it in the hallway but when I need to unlock the door from the inside, I have to twist that damn knob like they used to do in olden times. It's ridiculous.

Turns out having Alexa do it is even more ridiculous.

[IF you have an Echo set with the command word, Alexa, it will try to unlock your door when you play this.]

This goes under the heading of cool but why in the world you would you want to???

The Smalls is in his usual blue chair and Biggie is chillin out here on the couch watching for crows.


I'm sure they will be all rested for midnight marauding tonight.
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