Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Midnight Cat Sale

Honesttogod we very nearly had a Midnight Cat Sale here. They were all over me all last night and would not stop. If they were not pounding on me, they were knocking shit over. Both of them. The hamper I collect my Goodwill Donations in is not small. It is, right now, empty and they dragged it across the bedroom into the hallway. The Smalls spent a lot of the night just sitting on top of me. Biggie was all over the house whining. I'd have given them both to the first bidder.

But, this morning, Fitbit says I slept pretty good. Ha! And there was food in their bowls and in the kibble tree. They are both perky and annoying still. I do not know what last night was but I sure hope it was a one off. Geesh.

Today is laundry day. The dirty clothes hamper is full and I think I'll change the bed linens and wash them.

And sew. And fight off the cats.

There may be a grocery run. I need bread and Uwjimaya isn't the best for bread options but I could pick up some dinner there and check out the new year and get some steps in. hmmmm That's a possibility.

Tonight is the annual Home Owners Association meeting. I went a couple of times the first few years but I have not been back for a couple of decades. Tonight will definitely not see a return of me. It promises to be bloody. Instead of the usual one candidate per opening on the board, there are a handful vying for each slot. Plus, there's a really really really contentious hard surface flooring issue* on the table with people on both sides weaponized. *Current condo bylaws say that if you want to rip out your carpet and replace it with a hard surface, you cannot do it without the approval of the neighbors just below you. Plenty of those - myself included - have no intention of ever granting permission. (Mostly based on the regret that those who did grant permission and were oh so sorry after - noise, lots of it.) Anyway, people arguing without facts is just not my favorite spectator sport. So I'll pass and hope for the best.
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