Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Of course I did

I have a small garbage can under the kitchen sink. It's not full but stinky so time to take to the dumpster. And, while I'm at it, why don't I gather up the rest of the trash/garbage. So I gathered up everything and took it all down to the dumpsters.

When I got back up here, I realized that the one 'everything' I forgot was the one under the kitchen sink. Yes, the stinking one. My brain is giggling... ha! we got ya again!!!

But, also, it's smiling because living room additions/corrections. I have an ottoman that is just the right size for sitting on to eat dinner. Also it holds yarn. The top is horribly stained. So a few years ago I made a cover for it.


Nice but dull and a piece, in the middle, is coming unsewn. So... today that cover got replaced.


Soooooooo much better.

And then I took the rest of that patchwork from Goodwill and gave the green pillow a new outfit.



Cause my living room needed color. Amirite???

Then I cleaned up the sewing room and put everything back where it belongs from the last few sewing projects and threaded up the machines to start the cat top project tomorrow.


Ok. I had to go down to pick up a package and the mail so I delivered the stinky to the dumpster. Now... after I feed this cat who is driving me nuts... It's knittin' time.
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