Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

23 and Me for stuff

The other day, at Goodwill, I bought a pieced piece of fabric. It is various sized squares of wonderfully brightly colored cotton that someone had carefully pieced together. It's enough to cover the top of one of my ottomans and make a throw pillow. It sat on my kitchen counter for a lot of yesterday and brought me delight and joy every time my eyes landed on it. I'm making that pillow and cover today. There will, of course, be pictures.

BUT, I was thinking this morning while I was swimming that I wish I could let the person who did that piecing know how much their work tickles me and will make my living room more wonderful. And I wish I could know what stuff of mine that I have donated and given away has made someone else happy. I made and gave away hundreds of dolls and teddy bears. I'd love to know that some of them have been loved to shreds. My brother saw a thing on Reddit the other day from a Mariner fan about some treasured piece of swag he picked up at Goodwill. Last week, I took two giant bags of premium Mariner swag to Goodwill. The reddit thing is a coincidence. But wouldn't it be great to know that a never opened boxed bobblehead that I donated went to someone who truly wanted it?

I wish there was a way to track stuff and hook up with the people who got it and loved it like I do this piece of fabric. That would just be fun.

So, yes, there will be sewing today.

At some point, I want to get over to Uwjimaya (the Japanese grocery a few blocks from here) to see all the fun stuff they have out for the Lunar New Year.

I am, once again, coming to the end of an excellent audio book - Thomas Perry's A Small Town. This time I have more good ones in the queue but still, I'd like to hang with the people in this book a little longer. I want to know what happens but I don't want the story to end. It's a classic dilemma. I think I can squeeze two more nights out of it. (I really only listen to my audio books at night, in bed before I go to sleep.)

Before the sewing starts, I need to get dressed and hang up my wet suit and take a load of garbage and recycling down to the dumpsters. I think I'll get on that now.

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