Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I got out the 13 gallon trash bags today and did a small section of the house that was crammed with crap. I filled one bag for Goodwill and a half a bag for trash.

I probably went outside (while the sun was out) last Summer maybe 12 times. And that includes baseball games. My car lives in the garage. I park underground at the gym. I hate hate the sun so I avoid it if possible. Every time I cannot avoid it, I use sun screen. My skin is beyond repair but it is not beyond sunburn which it will acquire after 2 seconds outside.

So if there's a chance I am going out in the sun, I buy sun screen.

Apparently I did that about 12 times last Summer. And, in the pile o' shit that was crammed into my entry way, I found no fewer than 6 separate containers of sun screen. (And I have more in the bathroom stuff.) I crack myself up.

And bluetooth keyboards. I have a biscillion. Well at least 6 that I can think of without looking. And I found another one in that pile of stuff.

Hoarder? Me? ok, yeah, but at lest I specialize in weird stuff.

Next up is the hallway. I have a very long hallway with shelves down the entire way. I have a fuckton of shit on those shelves. I am going to get more trash bags and remove exactly half the stuff. Half. I'll make an exception for the fabric. It stays. But the half of the rest. At least.

If I cannot part with half of it, I'll take some and put it in hiding. If after a year I have not touched it, it goes. Make that six months.

This week. That will happen this week.

Ok, back to knitting.
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