Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Late but nice

Finally, we're getting some snow... maybe last night's with a side of delay? It's been going like this for about 30 minutes. My thermometers say it's several degrees above freezing and my forecasting apps say it is currently raining.


The kittens have been sacked out on my brother's bed all afternoon. That thing they are napping on is the tuffet I made for the living room which turned out way too big. I took it back there to pull the stuffing out for a remake or something else. Maybe not yet.


But I do have a next sewing project - my guest bed is actually in the sewing room. I saw a top on a woman in a restaurant last week that has my sewing brain cells working. I think it might be just the thing for the cat fabric I ordered. I have some nice test fabric to try out my theory on. I'll get that going in the morning, I think.

My house is clean, my cats are currently not breaking anything. The snow looks beautiful. I have left over steak with yummy left over potatoes for dinner. I think I'll knit.
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