Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Predicted 1-4 inches, Actually fell from sky 1-4 flakes

At least here at sea level. It's dry and just at freezing with zero snow. There is some somewhere because there is no school and all the city community centeres just closed.

I decided yesterday to hold off one more day on starting back at the pool. I just do not like going over that bridge when it's below freezing and wet. Tomorrow morning between 4 and 5 promises to be wet but well above freezing. So it is now officially declared Swim Day. I'm ready to start up again. I have enjoyed the break enormously but I'm ready.

Today is house cleaner day. So, I'll wait until she gets here and then go out and do stuff. Not sure what stuff but stuff. I did send her an email last night telling her that late or not at all was acceptable if snow issues. She may or may not see the email and she may or may not pay attention to it. She also cleans the unit across the hall and they don't like to miss a cleaning so I suspect she'll be here at the usual time.

I did not do any laundry while my brother was here so yesterday I washed everything in the house. Including sheets and the bathroom rugs. I'm guessing my washer/dryer slept good last night.

The cats spent some time this morning roaming around looking for my brother. Or just doing their daily security check. Who knows. Whatever it was, it exhausted them so now they are napping. They need their energy to help the housecleaner.

Here's a shot from Monday that I forgot to share. The Smalls in Nap on Bill.

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