Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

More eats, more chores

We had another fun, fueled, productive day yesterday. Among other things, we got the condo building manager all upfitted with a new router/wifi network and working Nest cams. It turned out to be a very pleasant experience contrary to all my expectations. And it's nice to have the views again of the lobby and front door and garage.

We had lunch yesterday at a very cool little place I had actually never heard of - 2 Doors Down. They had delicious root beer on tap, delicious fries and pretty good burgers and it was a delightful place with a really friendly and welcoming staff.

It's really cold here. Too cold to enjoy being out much. Also too cold to do the one project I really wanted to do. I have two large closets out on the terrace. I need most of the stuff out of both of them tossed or donated. It's really dusty and hard for me to deal with breathing wise plus great to have the help. But it's too cold to be out there. I guess I'll just hire a Task Rabbit when it gets warmer.

Last night we went back to a place I hadn't been to in ages. Lark. We had shared tapas which was just delightful. It's a lovely place with great service. And two weird flaws. They served the dessert with spoons - but they were very large, almost serving spoons that were in bad shape and not at all pleasant to use. Kind of marred the dessert experience. But the worst was the bathroom experience. The restaurant is elegant but to go pee you had to go down a long hall, down a set of stairs and to another hall which was freezing cold and the bathroom not dirty but not clean either. So, if you ever to there for dinner, pee before you get there.

We don't have a big agenda today. We'll just do what pops up.

The cats are really into the increased action around here. And they are having a great time hopping from lap to lap and seeing what they can knock over.

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