Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

another quickie

We had a great day yesterday. Bill did/fixed so many wonderful things.

The deadbolt on my front door is now smart! When I come home (phone in pocket) it unlocks when I get near it and relocks on its own when I'm inside.

My shower now works! Half the water was going out the regular spout and half through the shower head. I was doing it wrong! He said it was the spout plug and it was 100% correct. When I pull that sucker up with an extra tug, all the water comes out the shower head!!

Biggie's kibble tower is now secured to a fine, steady wooden base so he can't topple it over any more.

We noodled out a great solution to getting electricity to my table top for tablet charging and stuff. I had a cord running up there that looked ugly and both the cats and I tripped over regularly. We're waiting on an Amazon shipment to fix that.

The door to my halfbath now has bright new hooks and lots of them that aren't old looking and wonky.

Busy, busy, busy.

We had lunch at BokaBok which I'd always wanted to try. Next time I'll get the chicken and skip the fries but, also, their biscuit was delicious.

And then we went north for dinner which turned out to be the traffic nightmare I envision. There are so many great places north of downtown. But, I live south of downtown and getting north at dinner time is just painful.

But we did it and went to Bizzaro Cafe. It's quirky and charming and some of the food is outstanding.

Right now, it's early morning and I have a loudly purring Biggie stretched across my arms. He just finished digging his kibble out of the tree and is resting from the effort, I think.

Today we have no big plans. More little stuff to do. Plus we didn't see last night's Jeopardy GOAT show so we need to catch up on that.

My new smart lock...

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