Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The mattress is padded

4 pm - that's when the delivery got here. When I went down to pick it up, the building manage said 'maybe tomorrow?'

I was kind of looking for 'so sorry I did not get with you this morning like I said I would. I'm hoping for some time tomorrow. Would that work for you?'

But, hey, he's young and clearly raised by wolves.

I told him to let me know when he was ready and I'd be in and out and happy to help if I was available.

The mattress pad is ok. Not fabulous but better than any other mattress pad I have now so it will be fine. It was not expensive so I'm ok with it.

I got a flag on Instagram earlier today that I had a new follower. I didn't recognize the username so I ignored it. Just now I went in to check on everyone and looked at her feed, and it's Amanda - the girl that does the front desk at the gym on Mondays! Fun! God she takes a good picture. I mean she is really pretty but in her selfies, she is breathtakingly beautiful.

I sent her a little note to congratulate her on her find and see if she missed me this morning and she apparently really did. I told her that I'd be gone next Monday, too but that would be the end of it so she should save my spot. Fun.

I have one final episode of this season of Janet King - turns out there were not 40 episodes - only 24 but I'm grateful nonetheless. I have one more season in the bank. I'm saving it.

Then tonight I'm going to finish my current book - The Middlesteins by Jami Attenberg. It's a relatively short little novel about a very fat Jewish woman. The author has a really unique story telling method. I'm clueless how it will end. But when it does, I have two more ready and waiting. They are both preorders - one by a very favorite author - Thomas Perry and one a first time novel by a woman who's non-fiction I enjoy. They both release at midnight tonight. I rarely have my book situation be this tidy.

I think they were having a meeting.

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