Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Deed is done

I did it. I got the damn thing downstairs and over the 5 foot wall o' dumpster.

And can I just say that not all of my neighbors are neighborly??? Here's this obviously old woman struggling, trying to prop open the dumpster lid and one guy just walks right by - within 5 feet out the door to the street. Then, I'm still struggling and another does the same exact thing. 30 something guys. Fuck you both or rather may you never get a fuck in your life.

Then a couple came in and she had trash for recycling dumpster, 3 feet away, and I had to ask her if she could please hold up the lid. She did but the tude was one of eewwwwww do I have to???

Ellen needs to Be Kind these people. Now.

But the shower rod and curtain are back up. I have apologized to the washer and promised to show it love from here on out.

I realized on the way back up here that I could have gotten into the car and gone and bought a replacement. But, hey, I'm supporting a local business here. Thanks, Amazon.

I'm doing more laundry now but small loads. Whew.
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