Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I finally got the shades to work - Alexa is now, once again, in control of them. There is one bit still unsolved but it's not anything critical so whew.

Next problem. The washer. Particularly the washer of my mattress pad. I decided this morning to wash the mattress pad and I guess I have not washed it since I got this washing machine because the machine is not big enough. It's a gynomous sodden mess. Way too wet for the dryer. I have now re-arranged it and am trying the spin cycle again. There is not a laundromat anywhere near me and I'm not sure how I would get it to one anyway. So... no plan b. This is not good.

What is good is that Costco heated throw. Turns out the cats and I can share and it works out really nicely... Here it is across my lap and heated up.


arugh. Looks like I'm going to have to hang up this mattress pad in the bathtub if I can even get it in there and up that high. What a mess. Hand wringing will help it. Remind me not to do this again. I'm waiting now for the latest failed spin attempt to finish.

I did go swimming today and it was nice. There was one other guy swimming for a little bit and otherwise, the pool was mine.

The cats met two dogs this morning. I came up in the elevator with a couple from down the hall. They had a daschound and a retriever. Both quiet, nice dogs. When I opened my door, The Smalls was there as usual with Biggie right behind him. We let the four of them stare at one another for a while. The dogs were a little intimidated. The cats were cautiously curious. No one charged, growed, hissed or barked. We called it good and said goodbye.

Ok. So. Amazon is bringing me a new mattress pad. Delivery before 6 pm. If that fails, I sleep sans pad. I got the pad out of the washer after much struggle. I got it into the bathtub after knocking down the shower curtain and rod. What a freakin mess. I have never liked this mattress pad and now I hate it. It is going into the dumpster as soon as I figure out how to get it up into the dumpster.

Did I mention I got the shades to work? I need to focus on a success story right now.

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