Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Shady Saturday

I got batteries and then proceeded to kill 5 hours trying to get these fucking shades to work right. I am so frustrated. 50 new batteries (each of the 4 shades takes 12 each and the remote takes 2). Turns out I think part of the problem was actually weak batteries. But most of the problem is 2025 technology with 2005 hardware and software. I finally got 2 out of the 4 working some of the time. And that's it for today. I'm over it. I'll get back to it tomorrow or Monday.

Meanwhile The Smalls is fine. He and Biggie had a NASCAR Saturday and even managed to knock one of the sofa boulders off and those things are ridiculously difficult to move at all.

Plus, the new toy bin is now the new cat bed...


I think we have a new dictionary example of the term 'Losing situation'.

I've now had a little lunch... a half of peanut butter/mayo sandwich - my comfort lunch - with the last small handful of chips.

Now I'm going to pick up the toys... again... clean up the kitchen and then sit down for some quality time with the TV and my knitting needles.
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