Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Why can't everyone be more like me??

I want to order dinner to be delivered. The problem is that it is 2:30 and I don't want it delivered til maybe 5:30 or 6. But, delivery places make you wait until 30-45 minutes before you want it to place your order. By then I'm starving and I'll just fix something myself, fuck it. I want to order it now.

Do they know how much of my money they are missing???? I know everyone would rather do it their way but I think there should be more people like me.

I did go to Costco. It opens at 10. I drove up at 9:45 because I thought there would be more traffic. The parking lot was not full but I've seen fewer cars in it on random weekday mornings in the past. The doors were not open. There was a crowd waiting to get in. It was going to be hell.

Except. It was not at all. There was no line at the pharmacy. The aisles were not at all crowded. There was no waiting at all at the self checkout line. Bim bam boom.

And then I saw it... The line at customer service was out the door and half way to Tacoma. Returns. Of course. Silly me. Oh well. I got my stuff, I was happy.

One of the 'stuff' I got was an electric throw. I don't love it. But I hate it less than I expected. The color choices sucked. There was a very ugly gray and an oh so boring beige and this blue one. I figured the cats and I could share it. It could be their tuffet when needed and I could toss it over my lap when needed and we'd be cozy and warm. I bought it even though I didn't like it knowing I could get in the back of that return line if I really really hated it.


I wish it was a better color print, but I actually don't hate it. I don't think. One of the projects for when my brother is here is to rethink this whole living room arrangement. I like everything that is here and plan to keep it but I might want it rearranged and set up differently. Electric blanket included.

Oh wait, look who's giving it a test drive...


The house is in good shape - organize-wise. I feel in good shape - organize-wise. I like that.

Ha ok, we have a full test in motion... Plenty of room... and I don't even have it turned on yet...


Time to knit.
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