Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Sleepin' in

I did.The cats woke me in time to go swimming but we discussed it and decided to go back to sleep which we did. Not for long but it was pretty delicious nonetheless. One of the very many joys of retirement is the utter lack of stress around sleeping. I usually fall asleep in seconds but if I don't, hey, no biggie. I almost always enjoy lying there in the dark just relaxing. And no stress about waking up. I love to swim so getting up to go to the pool is not a chore. BUT, I'm getting more and more relaxed about that. New rule mostly is if I want to go swimming, I will, if I don't I won't.

Retired rules made by me and voted on by two cats whose votes don't count. It's a great set up.

Today's big agenda, of course, is Costco. Prescriptions and other Costco stuff. I'll probably go at 10. I need some non Costco stuff so I might stop off at Grocery Outlet.

Big day! ha. I have a couple of tops I'm thinking about making but I don't really need any more tops so no urgency. I might just put it all off until after my brother's visit. I have TV to watch and knitting to do and other fascinating old lady shit. I b cool.

After a very busy early morning of chasing and fighting and running and attacking and knocking shit over, the boys are napping. As usual, Biggie is beside me with his little snoring noises that are just so adorable. The Smalls after eating the world's biggest breakfast, is asleep in the former toy bin.

I have their food now on Amazon's Subscribe and Save except the next delivery is not for a week and I don't have enough to last until then. I feel like I order cat food on Amazon every day.I think I'm getting a handle on how much of what and when but I'm sure not there yet. Also, turns out there are a million ways that these two can say No Fucking Way to pate. Chunks in gravy, yes. Pate? Are you kidding me???

I was just over in Flickr trying to decide how, if at all, I should organize photos and found this from two days after they moved in here.

Biggie and the smalls
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