Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Both cats are in deep sleep now. (Biggie has the cutest snore.) Biggie is beside me and The Smalls has reclaimed the toy bin.

But until about an hour ago when they both collapsed, they were nuts. They had a vocal argument over their food dishes. I could not see them but I could sure hear them. They rarely talk to each other but today they were up in their businesses. The running and chasing... At one point Biggie took off like a shot and knocked something down in the kitchen and The Smalls just sat here and watched. Then Biggie came back and did that funny side walk across the living room.

Then Biggie emptied all the toys out of the bin and sat in it like I'm here and you can't make me get out.


At least he piled a lot of them up nicely.


So here's a great size comparison... The minute Biggie stepped out of the bin, The Smalls got in and hasn't left. He's a little bunched up here so really not half the size of Biggie but not that far off of half either... hence the names.


The house is nice and clean. I found two sheets (to make into tops) and a 2 yards of a great, fun, fleece plus part of what we need for our one project next week, at Goodwill. It was not at all crowded either which was nice.

One of my brother's friends asked for some help identifying a good chromebook deal so since I had not looked at them in a while, I had a great excuse to dig around in chromebook land. Boy, we have really come a long way from the 'nobody is ever going to want one of those' days.

Then I did some more set up work on my giant spreadsheet and now here I are. I have three more episodes of Crownies to watch. I'm torn between wanting to know what happens and not wanting to have no more episodes. There is a kind of follow on series called Janet King which I have already seen but a long time ago. Maybe I'll just revisit that!

Biggies new supply of kibbles should be here before 6. And that's the end of the agenda!
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