Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The deep end

I think maybe I need a swimming break. Maybe. I really did not want to go this morning. Once I got there, however, I was glad I had gone but a lot of that was because I went to the city pool. The one with the deep end. I love the crisp, clarity of a chlorine pool. I hate what the chlorine does to my suits. And, if I swam in a chlorine pool every day, my hair would be bleach blonde. But I also love the deep. My regular pool is 4 feet at its deepest which is fine for laps.

But, it's great, once in a while to stretch out. I am unsinkable. I can float vertically. It's true. With water up to my neck, my hands by my sides and my feet together, I can be perfectly still and not go under. Or even come close. Forever. It freaks out life guards and swim teachers. I checked this morning and I've still got it. hehehehehe Fat don't sink, baby.

My regular gym is open tomorrow but not til 8. I may or may not go. I'm going to let myself off the hook if, tomorrow comes and I'm not into it. I may do that for the entire next two weeks. A break... maybe.

The boys are particularly rowdy this morning. They ate up their usual breakfast and begged for more. So I slipped 'em a can of turkey. They even ate a little of that before they gave it the NFW. We're going to finish off what turkey we have on hand... now or later... your call.

One second a day - December edition.

The housecleaner comes today. The people across the hall requested she do today instead of just skipping the usual which would be New Year's Day and she asked if I'd be ok with that. Sure. She said she'd be early but no telling what that actually means.

I'm caught up on errands so I'm not sure what I'll do while I'm out of her way. If I were smart, I'd go get a professional to cut my hair. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to do that. I might go to the hardware store and pick up the supplies my brother will need for one of the projects he's going to happily volunteer to do when he gets here next week...

Yep, he arrives in just one week and 8 hours. I'm very jazzed about this. I have a healthy list of restaurants for us to try. My todo list is nicely split between actual things to do and just second opinions. No heavy agenda, just whatever strikes us. He'll be here for a week. fun! Biggie and The Smalls are going to be intrigued for sure.

Ok, time to get dressed in case the house cleaner wasn't kidding about early.
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