Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Just breathe

I'm having some issues with breathing today and some yesterday. Not a huge deal just enough really to notice. And, most importantly, I think, not when I'm just sitting. Only when I move. I got through my swim ok. I noticed it then but it wasn't that much of a deterrent. I think it might be payback from blowing off the annual lung check up. Just bears watching and noting if it gets worse that it started yesterday-ish.

It's ok. There's nothing I need to do today. I could go get cat food but Amazon's bringing some tomorrow and if they don't fuck up, we'll be fine. If they do, then there will be a cat food run tomorrow. Biggie's getting critically low on kibble. The Smalls doesn't care. There is plenty of canned stuff in house.

And plenty of people food.

I'm not big on end of the year stuff or beginning of the year stuff but mrdreamjeans posted some interesting info about 2020 that, since it's behind a lock, I'm just copying here.

  • July 4 is on a Saturday - nice (for retired people anyway)
  • Halloween is on a Saturday - nice for all, I would think
  • Christmas and New Years are on Friday - I like that myself
  • Easter is on April 12 - no judgement here

I was wondering this morning what it would be like if I lived to see 2030. Just wondering. I'm 70 now. My father died at 75 and my mother died at 82. I would really rather not drag this out but if I feel like I do now, I'd be ok with 80.

The down side of holding off picking up my prescriptions at Costco until after January 1 is that there are 4 of them and so every day I get 4 texts saying they are ready for me to pick up. On the up side, I appreciate that they text me when stuff is ready. So it's ok.

Time to get dressed and clean litter boxes. These two really do poop and pee on a grand scale. I have two very large litter boxes and going a day without cleaning them is really asking for trouble. I've never had cats that were such prolific eliminators before. Plus Biggie needs his kibble tree filled.

Two cats or one really big fat one?

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