Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I fell down a money pit

I swam. It was lovely. Then I went grocery shopping and got a lot of stuff and was shocked when the total was less than $50. Go me.

I came home and made a tiny breakfast and got coffee and sat down to internet. I've been using Mint.Com for about a hundred years. Since way before Intuit took it over eons ago. I've loved and hated it always. I used to use Personal Capital but abandoned it when they would not suck the data in from my Amazon credit card. Back to Mint. I've grown increasingly not happy with Mint's performance but I do love getting the totals of all my accounts at once. But, today, Mint won't talk to Ameriprise. And so we had to break up.

I tried Personal Capital again but it said my email address had never had an account. And it gave me a 'failed' when I tried to create a new one.

So... moving on... I found Tiller. Tiller gets all the info from all my accounts and puts it into a Google Spreadsheet. Since I've been copying and pasting into a Google Spreadsheet from Mint for years, this seems like a way better plan. But, it costs. 30 days free so what they heck. I got it all set up and I love it. So much that I might just pay for it. $60 a year. I've got 30 days to decide but wow. So cool to have all the info and have it also diced for me...

But, now I need to get on with my day! No one has put away the stuff from the grocery yet. Looks like that's going to be me.

The Smalls has spent considerable time on top of the toys in the toy bin for the past few days. I think he's trying to block Biggie's shopping.


Biggie's response?? Take the high road...

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