Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Not a wasted day

I spent the bulk of today's hours knitting the top front of my sweater. Only to realize a fatal error on row 1. Plus, this pattern is convoluted so just pulling the yarn to rip it out is not not an option. It took me another hour to rip out everything I had done today.

I did interrupt the action when I got an email from a yarn shop offering 30% off alpaca yarns. So, yep, bought more yarn.

I did not go to the grocery. For lunch, I ate the rest of the Trader Joe's orange chicken I had for dinner a couple of days ago. The great news is that the leftovers nuke up very nicely. It was yummy. I will now be saving the rest for lunch regularly.

Tonight's dinner is out of the freezer. It's marinating now. All is good here on December 27.

Oh and I got all the home automation stuff redone and working fine. Whew. The idea of having to use my hands to turn on lights and shit is just so retro.
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