Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Far less scary

This morning, it was about 7 degrees warmer than yesterday but the roads were wetter. I did those giant circular ramps very carefully going and coming and it was ok. Fine actually. So whew.

The gym is a lonely place this week. In past years, I have not seen the expected increase in January. At least not in the pool. I'd be ok not to see it again this year.

All my smart plugs are now Wyze. They are cheap and they are good but... they did some kind of data boo boo that has the privacy nerds all in a tizzy and they had to do a major software reset which meant that neither Google Home nor Alexa could control anything any more. The Wyze app said that links to both had to be reset.

Of course 'resetting' is completely different in both and obvious/easy in neither. What a PIA. Plus, I do not give a shit if some dude in Russia or China knows when my bedroom lamps go off or on. If that gives him a thrill, I'm happy to contribute.

But, done now. And all is fine.

The cats have morphed into wonderful sleep buddies. They generally sleep as long as I do now. They pile in next to me sometimes on top of the quilt and sometimes under it. If I get up in the night to pee, they know I'm coming right back and either don't move or get up and come right back. Biggie has had these skills for a while but The Smalls is now falling in line. It makes for some very delicious sleeping.

Their game this morning is taking toys out of the toy bin and putting them into the tunnel and then running through the thing. Then one waits across the room til the other gets board and leaves, then they take tunnel control. Then they reverse roles. In other words... they are very busy today.


The fabric swatch I ordered arrived! This is a cheap woven cotton and I'll be getting it on a knit but good to see. And I'm glad I got the swatch. I think I'm going to make the cats just a smidge smaller and offset the repeat. And probably then get enough to make 1 long sleeved shirt for winter and one short sleeved for summer. Maybe I'll do the smaller version and this version... Maybe.


The end of the tube. I squzzed out the last of my Ecoya Coconut & Elderflower hand cream today. Well, not the last. When I cut the tube, I will probably get about 3 more applications. Happily, I have a whole new tube brought to me by msconduct and Natasha in October. If I'm thrifty with it, it might last until Scott and Julie arrive from New Zealand in July. Julie's the one who got me hooked on this stuff in the first place. I'll bet it's the only hand cream in the world that you can only get in New Zealand and Australia. But I do love the stuff.


Today will be another sweater day. I'm just at the end of the last tedious bit. What a great pattern this is. The one I'm making now is chock full of errors but I decided that I didn't care. I want to get it to a point where I can try it on and see if it is going to fit. I will likely rip it all out because I like the yarn and want to reuse it. If it fits, I'll probably use this same yarn to redo it. If it does not fit, I'll size up the yarn and needles and make it bigger.

Again, maybe a grocery store run today. Again, maybe shopping in my own fridge instead. Nice to have options.

So many toys...

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