Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

And now we're back to normal...

Lovely day here. I watched the cutest movie on Netflix- Wild Oats. Probably only cute to old ladies but still.

Biggie took over the bed.


And then, while The Smalls napped on the tuffet, Biggie played computer games.


I had my phone here beside me and he was pawing at it that caused the screen to change and he got pretty excited so I looked in the Play store and found a cat game. The mouse moves around in a very cat attractive way. He stared at it for a really long time and then pawed it and it squeaked. Then he got really into it for a while. Hilarious.

Now they are back to their normal afternoon adorablicity.


And I think I'll chew on another episode of Crownies. Thank goodness they use the US model instead of UK. Only 1 season but LOTS of episodes.
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