Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Cat Christmas

Both cats are acting weird today. Not actually weird. Just different. They woke me up early so I got up and fed them and went back to bed where they continued to pester me. Turns out, they did not like my meal selection. At all. Generally, in the morning, they will eat anything. Except Christmas morning, I guess.

Biggie, who generally entertains himself and ignores me, has spent a good bit of time this morning napping in my lap with half of himself thrown across my arms.

The Smalls was chilling on the bed by himself but now is in here teasing Biggie.

They both seem restless. Not really in a bad way, just different than usual. They are enjoying their toys.



I've had a lovely sleep and a delicious breakfast and have thoroughly internetted myself. I changed the bed linen and got the trash ready to take downstairs. And now I'm done with chores for the day.

Time for some knitting. And now, both cats are not in the living room and I cannot hear them anywhere.... Oh wait. The Smalls is inside the tunnel. I'm guessing Biggie's on the bed. It's always something with these two.
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