Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The last time I swam in a chlorine pool, or actually any pool other than my regular, I was frighteningly short of breath for about 24 hours starting about an hour after I got home from swimming. The time before that, another chlorine pool different than my regular, same problem. My doctor says it is not the chlorine causing the problem and he's probably right. I actually wish I knew what did cause it.

But, today... No problem!!! I've been home now for nearly two hours and breathing just fine. And the swim was wonderful. The pool is one that was built in the 70's. A city pool that was very old and very tired. They spent more than a year fixing it. Most of the fix was unseeable underlying issues but, in the process, they also got a whole new skin for the pool and a whole new pool deck and it is beautiful. Just gorgeous. The deepest part of my regular pool is 4 feet. The deepest part of today's pool is 12 feet. A very fun swim.

They have early morning swims - 5:30-7 - on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I might start going there every once in a while. It costs a little and my regular pool is free to me, but it might be worth it once in a while.

And speaking of swimming, I got my Sunday back! The Seahawks were scheduled to play at home at 1 pm next Sunday which means my getting out and back to swim is not worth the hassle because of the crowds/traffic. BUT, they moved the game to Sunday night. So now I can go swimming on Sunday. Thanks, Seahawks.

Today's project will be to make a new and bigger tuffet so that both Biggie and The Smalls can snuggle up without falling off of it like they do the current one. I have the perfect fabric. I got it at Goodwill and thought at the time, I'd never have a use for it. Wrong-o. Tuffet time.

And TV and knitting. I have zero plans to go anywhere. If I get frisky, I could go check the mail or take down a load of trash. But, probably will save those kind of thrills for Thursday.

I forgot to put the tunnel away last night so there has been a fair amount of morning exploration...

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