Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Mid day report

Brrrrrr. In winter, particularly, as soon as the rain stops, it turns cold and today is no exception. It was cold when I went out to run errands and 64 degrees in here (the living room) when I got back.

I dropped off an Amazon return, got a sandwich at the bagel place and then popped into Krispy Kreme which is across the street. I was hoping they had honey buns but no. So I got a half dozen glazed donuts as a consolation prize.

My check engine light came on - again. But this time I was ready. I fired up my OBD app and hit scan. It said there were no codes while also listing the old P103. I think my diagnostics is the problem but whatever. Cleared it out and all is fine again.

Costco said my inhaler is ready - $117. Wait, what? It should be about 3 times that much. I called and sure enough, that nurse practitioner who said we could postpone the actual visit for a few months, ensured it by only writing the prescription for 1 a month for 3 months. Tricky, Emily... but, that's cool. See you in March.

I turned on the ceramic heater here in the living room and Biggie is freaked out or and he can't decide which. He walks by and the hot air blows on him and he jumps like he's seeing a snake. What a cat.

I looked next to me a little bit ago and they had a new shared tuffet arrangement...


The tuffet needs to be just a tiny bit bigger. The Smalls keeps kicking Biggie out.
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