Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Turns out, he loves me anyway

Biggie grows needles on the end of his paws. I mean, seriously, those suckers are long and pointy and sharp. The Smalls grows nails but they are more like toothpicks and not quilting tools. Anyway, this morning Biggie crawled into my lap and I took that opportunity to fix the problem. Oh was he not happy. He got out the teeth and finally, after getting 9 of them, I gave up and he disappeared fast.

But, now he's back. In my lap. Purring like nothing ever happened. Nice.

The Google Home Mini that I got free from Spotify arrived yesterday. I set it up in the bedroom and programmed it for the 2 plugs, the fan and the fan light and alarms. It's a different routine to program than the one Amazon uses and I'm way more used to Amazon's so it was a little frustrating. But, Google has more options - more ways of doing the same thing - so if one doesn't work, the other will. And Google lets me easily download all the data. Amazon not so sharing.

This is a good week to test since every day is a different wake up time. This morning it did fine.

I love the noise that Biggie makes when he's downloading his kibble from the kibble tree.

The football action started before I woke up - about 6:30 this morning. Today and next Sunday. I think some combo of wins and losses contains the possibility of their playing a playoff game here. But, likely, that would be in the evening, I suspect so not a big deal for me. None of it is, actually. As much as I dislike/disapprove of the Sewhawks fans and what they do to my building and neighborhood in their drunken state, they were here first. They were playing across the street when this building was an abandoned warehouse. So they win.

I went down this morning to pick up a package and take down some trash and ran into a neighbor who I don't like anyway. He's relatively new, hired untrained workers when he first moved in to make changes in his unit and they flooded 5 units. Our HOA insurance rates doubled. And he never has his two very large dogs on a leash. He was whining and moaning about all the noise. I pointed out that they were here first and his response was - well I live here, they only visit. Clearly my point was not within his grasp.

So, yep, it's a Judgy McJudgeship kinda day. I'm holier than thou jes so ya know.

If the medical examiner ever calls me to identify The Smalls, I'll be able to tell it's him by the kink at the end of his tail. When he was tiny, it was really obvious, now it's more subtle but still there.


More knitting and TV watching or maybe book listening with a background of football sounds. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday... Oh and the rain stopped.

Biggie keeps trying to share the tuffet and, really, they are too big... The tries don't last for long.

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