Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Dear me, Thank you!!

I was sitting here with coffee and starving and wondering what would be good to make for breakfast that wouldn't make a mess or take a lot of effort when I remembered the Quiche Lorraines I got at Met Market. I had one on Thanksgiving that was really good. But, I thought maybe that was a fluke.

The instructions start with preheating the oven... Listen, world. I have only a few years left and I am spending exactly NONE of those preheating a damn oven. So I plopped it on a plate and nuked it for one minute. Not enough. Another minute. I got fresh coffee and sat down to the first bite.

OMG delicious. Seriously, outstanding and so so so good. And... when I was there, I got two so there is one for tomorrow, too. I might even cut that one in half so I can have it for two breakfasts. I have no idea how much these things cost and now I do not ever want to know. Whatever it is, it is cheaper than going out for breakfast so totally worth it.

Also I picked up some butter. I just grabbed the cheapest salted because I was close to being out. When I got home and got the sticks out of the box, I discovered it was East Coast butter! How rare and odd.


In the United States, east coast butter comes in long thin sticks. Out here in the west it comes in short fat sticks. This has always amused me. You do have to be careful when buying butter dishes of any kind, that you get the one for the correct coast.

Here's a nice map provided by a butter dish on Amazon.

Those guys on the edges in the middle of the country must have to pay close attention.

I have several Amazon deliveries coming but the one that I really hope makes it today, as promised, is this:

Since I will be skipping the gym quite a few days coming up, I'll be showering in my own shower which is in a bathtub which is getting increasingly difficult to get out of safely. I know it's only because I have now psyched myself out about falling in my bathroom but regardless of the reason, I need this gizmo before I get in there again. $20 of safety. It's scheduled to be delivered today but this time of year, around here, Amazon's kind of free and easy with delivery promises and not so free and easy with keeping them. Not terribly critical. The cats don't care if I'm dirty.

Today will be pretty much all knitting with some TV. I've come to a crucial part in my sweater and it will be a perfect day to focus on it.

It's still raining out. There are mud slides everywhere and lakes in roadways and enough crazies out on the road so they don't need me.
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