Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Any shenanigans today? So glad you asked...

So it happened. zoefruitcake warned me. I went to the bathroom all by myself. Both cats were in the living room when I left and when I returned. Sigh. The end of an era.

While I was swimming, I was noodling over the conundrum that is my couch. There are several issues - not with the couch but with the arrangement of it. One is a soft place for cats to land that does not shed. Cleary the green blanket is a favorite but such a shedder. Then I remembered a padded 'bed' that was part of another bed that neither of these cats ever cared about. I put it in the closet. When I got home I dug it out.

It needs cleaning but I put it down on the couch anyway. The Smalls nosed it and then went back to the green sheddy blanket. I put the bed on the kitchen counter so that I could grab it next time I go back to the sewing room (where the washer/dryer are).

So I'm sitting here doing this and doing that and after a bit I realize The Smalls is nowhere to be found. Biggie's in his blue chair but The Smalls is missing.

And then I look up ... He's on the cat bed, on the kitchen counter... all snuggled in.


It's a blessing that neither one of them gets mad when I laugh out loud right at them.

It's been raining buckets since yesterday. Flooding type buckets. I hit a couple of pond sized puddles to and from the pool today. There are a couple of errands I would like to run today but I may well postpone them all. I don't mind getting wet. I do mind flooding my little car.

The Chex Mix I made yesterday may well be the very best ever Chex Mix on the planet. I did, accidently, solve one issue. Always before, because it's how my mother did it and what the instructions say... I would spread out the cereal over sheet pans and then pour over the Chex Mix juice and then stir it up. Yesterday, I put it all into a giant bowl and poured the juice over that. I mixed it up good and only then spread it over the sheet pans. MUCH tidier and easier and, I think, way more evenly distributed. Also much easier to clean up. Score. So delicious.

No laundry got done yesterday and the dirty clothes hamper has now become a cats' playground. So I think I may go start a load. Of course the cat bed will likely now have to wait until it's sans occupant.

Maybe I'll get on that now.

Here's the non-hilarious cat du jour... He can't help it. The competition is just stiff around here.

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