Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

When I point one finger at you, 3 point back to me...

Some days I am easy breasy whatever floats your boat and other days I am Judgy MacJugeship.

Today is Judgy. As I read through stuff and see photos in journals and blogs and Instagram, I'm like how can someone live like that?? In all that clutter and mess? If you are going to photo your knitting, clean your damn fingernails! gross!! Seriously? You think that dress/top/outfit is a good look on you? Or anybody? Ever?? If the picture is blurry or otherwise bad, don't apologize either own it or don't post it... And these various feeds are curated by me! I'm not even looking at shit that someone else decided I should see.

And then I stop and think about how my stuff looks to everyone else. What impression I leave with my words and my photos and myself. Same shit every day. I'm a fat old lady with many set opinions that are not popular ones. And not much patience for hearing the other side. I live alone and do nothing all day long. I have money and don't give all of it away. I have time and volunteer it to help... no one. ever. I cut my own hair and it looks exactly like that.

I got no room to talk.

But, hey, my fingernails are clean.
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