Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


This morning I was waking up and The Smalls came over to check on my face. I didn't open my eyes and didn't move. He zeroed in on my nose. I could feel the tip of his nose on mine and... then he backed away and snuggled into my chest. ...and... did not bite! Can my little Smalls be growing up???

Last night I had a couple of visitors. We were sitting here chatting and not paying attention to cats when all of a sudden, The Smalls jumped up into Heidi's lap. She stroked his head so he just settled in. Not shy this one... at all.

I really wasn't that interested in getting out of bed this morning but I did. I was oddly short of breath and sore as the dickens. I think I might have slept in an odd position or something. The swim helped both issues. I'm breathing much better but it still feels like I overdid something which I really did not.

S'ok. I can take it easy today. HAHAH Like that's not what I do every day.

I learned yesterday that the coffee shop next to our lobby is closing up and moving out this week. On the one hand, not a great loss. Their food was ok but they were always out of stuff so you'd get all up for a BLT only to find out they were out of B. Or want a bagel with lox and no lox. And the people who worked there were full of don'tgiveashit. They recently gave me a $2 off anything coupon that I tossed because $2 off was not going to improve the food or service. So... I'm not gutted that they are leaving.

BUT, we do use their wifi to power two webcams. And we are going to be SOL without it. It's not exactly my problem to solve but it sure has been nice using their bytes. Finding new ones is kind of a PIA. Oh well.

Initially I recommended and helped install those two webcams and a third one. The third one is now down due to different wifi issues. It is not a good week for condo web cams. But, not a giant deal. The HOA management owns responsibility. I'm not going to take that on. I'll help. I'll advise. But, that's the extent of my ownership.

I could stand to do some laundry today. And I might. And I need a haircut. Also there will be knitting. The sweater I've been working on is getting to the interesting part.

But first, I need some picking up. I told them to go home, they were drunk. And for the 119,875,456,298th time, they didn't listen.

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