Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Little Mr. Muffet

A few years ago, Amira - the house cleaner - had some temporal issues... she could never get here on time. And sometimes on date. She'd call at the last minute and ask to come tomorrow or at 5. NOPE. I had a discussion with her. She said she could get here by 10. So the new rule was... if she got here by 10, great. If not, then just not to bother. She never was late again. Today, at 9:30, she called to say she was on 99 and the traffic was horrible. And she might be late. (She wasn't.)

But, she said 'You like skimp?' ????? Her Bosnian accident is thick and she often doesn't know the word or I can't understand her. FWIW - her English is 1000% better than my Bosnian. But, skimp had me. No clue. Then she said something that sounded like sea food and I realized she meant shrimp!

Turns out. She made the most delicious sauteed shrimp. She had me try one. OMG so wonderful and so many. They will be amazing tonight over a plate of hot pasta.


I did go to Goodwill and I did remember to get gas!

And I made Chex Mix. I tried a bit in the microwave. I do not have the number of thumbs needed to sufficiently turn down in description of the effort. Nothing really lost, though. I just made up the rest and tossed all of it onto cookie sheets and it's now happily baking in the oven.

Amira does not approve of the green blanket that The Smalls, particularly, loves. It does shed badly and she cleaned up the couch so it looks wonderful and suggested I put the blanket away. She folded it and left it on the back of the couch where The Smalls has now made it his home.


Meanwhile, Biggie continues to shop at Toy Bin. Hilariously, after this shot, I watched him take out a toy and walk away and then turn around and put it back! I'm not sure what the return policy is at Toy Bin but I suspect it's liberal.

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