Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Swim plans

I had a revelation this morning while swimming. The gym will not be opening until 8 on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve - two Tuesdays. There's an aqua fit class in the gym pool at 9 on Tuesdays. Even if they cancel the classes, those idiots will show up and demand the pool. It's not worth the hassle and aggravation. I swim for fun, not for stress.

From now until Jan 2 is 14 days and of those, due to home Seahawks games, a holiday and those stupid aqua fit people, the gym pool is an option on only 6 of them! ARUGH!!

But... the city pool that is not far from here is open again after being closed for maintenance for more than a year. It has early morning swimming on Tuesdays! And it's open on Christmas and New Year's eve. So that's two swims I get back. Nice.

I have now been in that pool in a long time. I used to swim in it every day. Never had a problem. So hopefully... My lungs have not been happy with pools - except the one at the gym - for a couple of years. I've tried two - one private gym and one city pool - and both have given me severe breathing problems. I've been afraid to try again but I think I'm going to get over that and hit this pool again next Tuesday. It's worth a shot and I'd love to have this close by pool in my options again.

Meanwhile in cat land... I am no longer letting The Smalls sit on my arms. If he's going to bite my cheek, I'm going to prevent him from getting close. He's not happy. The toys are helping. I pulled out a couple this morning and both cats went nuts. My idea of gathering them up and putting them in the cat bed is working. The Smalls has taken to it - instead of biting - and Biggie's ok with the arrangement.


So far. They do seem to change their mind daily.

And food. They do like all textures. Minced, pate, etc. Wellness has a huge variety of textures and flavors and I've really been testing the textures. But, apparently, there are flavors they don't love and I have not been paying attention. I start now. Tuna for breakfast this morning. Tuna, turns out, is ok, not fabulous. More tests to follow. I have a selection in house and there is more at the cat food store. I just need to pay attention.

Today is house cleaner day. The cats will be so excited. They love when Amira is here. Usually they are in the living room with me when she gets here and as soon as they hear the front door open, they run run run to greet here. She loves it. They love it. It never gets old.

I never did remember what errand I had in mind for today. Oh well. I do need to get out while she is here. I'll stop at Goodwill and see what's new and then, I don't know. Heck, I might just sit in their parking lot and read my book. Oh wait, no, I need gas. I can go do that.

This afternoon I want to make some Chex Mix. I have the goods - the cereal, the ingredients for the coating... I just need to buckle down and do it. The Chex website recipe is all in the microwave. Never tried that. Might do a small batch and see how that works. Sure would be handier.

Ha. Biggie is "shopping" in the toy store.


He made a nice selection.


Now he's gone back to try something else...


The Smalls is just watching. Biggie is such a doer. The Smalls is the doer when it comes to food. He's a flat out beggar. But otherwise, he switches between watcher and follower.

Oh. Biggie is trying out the lower level today...


It's always something...
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