Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Cat Report

The Smalls loves to be in my arms. He sits there and nuzzles my neck and BITES my face. I've tried no. I've tried NO. I've tried putting him down swiftly. I've tried everything. I have some spray stuff that is supposed to repel cats. It does not smell bad at all. It has worked on a few things. I put some on my cheek. We shall see.

I gathered up all the toys and put them into a small cat bed that neither cat uses for anything and put the bed under the table. The Smalls climbed in and has been sitting there watching the world go by for 10 minutes.


Biggie is getting himself a snack.


Now Biggie has moved to the blue chair and The Smalls has settled into the bed-that-nobody-used-before-I-filled-it-with-toys, on top of those toys.

And that's your cat report. Stay tuned for updates.

Just now I hear Vera's siren call...
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