Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

When the sharing stops...

So I got this bag of 25 little silly cat toys from Amazon. I know it would be easier to just distribute them along the baseboards behind the furniture myself but I thought I'd let the cats do it. Biggie has recently taken to finding old cat toys (from the same baseboards I just mentioned) and destroying them. Some cat I had loved those tiny little mice. Biggie found several and subsequently I found mice body parts all over the house.

So I got the bag o' toys. I pulled one mouse out and they went nuts. Biggie grabbed it and tossed it around and then got distracted and went back to what was left o the bird he obliterated a week ago. The Smalls got his turn at the new mouse but the minute Biggie saw that he ran over and stole it!

Here The Smalls has possession and is guarding closely.


Now they are focused on the one I pulled out of the bag for The Smalls. They are currently under the table with it negotiating. I think my $12 was well spent. We've barely tapped the font that is that bag o' toys.

One of my neighbors across the street in the apartment building put an adorable snowman in the window. So cheery!


Sewing and tidying done. Knitting and British murder up next. Retired people life.
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