Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


There's a new regular swimmer at the pool - well, by regular I mean I've seen her there twice. Anyway, she has a brilliant way to track laps. Pennies! She's clearly timing her laps with her watch but timing and counting at the same time can get tricky. So she has this little canister of pennies and after she finishes a set number of laps, she moves a penny into the canister. When the pennies are gone, she's done. It's so simple and so satisfying.


I think I want a t-shirt that says "I'm a boomer. It's my fault, and I don't care." And, probably, on the back "Get off my lawn." Own it. I say.

The sweater I'm knitting is designed by Alfaknits who turns out to be a very creative woman in Belgium who is also very prolific. Her patterns look interesting but when you delve into the construction, they are fascinating. Not at all like regular knitting patterns. When I found them, I had a hard time deciding which to do first. Today, she put up a 30% off all sale and I went on a shopping spree. I'd kind of lost my knitting mojo there for a while. Found it.

But before any knitting shall be knitted today, there will be sewing. I have the new top nearly done and I want to finish it and tidy up the sewing room so the house cleaner can clean it tomorrow.

The rest of the house is actually pretty much already ready for her. There was a thing I was going to do while she was here - a place/errand. And I cannot for the life of me remember what it was - I have 24 hours.

My phone has a very handy, easy to use, searchable audio note taking app. I need to start using it. Or start remembering shit.

Biggie is on guard again this morning


And The Smalls is hanging out here on the couch


All's cool for now...
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