Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Thank you, kitties

Forever and ever, Sunday nights are hard on sleep. It's always been that way and even in retirement it is. BUT last night was a delightful exception. I fell asleep easily on my side with Biggie snuggled into the bowl of my spoon. (The Smalls always stays up later than we do.) I woke up this morning when the alarm went off with the two of them snuggled together beside me. It was lovely.

My Happy Birthday sign was simple but effective and Amanda was delighted. At the gym, first thing, there are two groups. Those who wait down stairs in the garage for the elevator and those who wait - with me - on the sidewalk at the front door. The front desk person always turns on the elevators and then opens the front door.

Today, because of the sign, Amanda opened the front door first - my group appreciated the gesture. Great way to start the day.

Our local PBS station ran a Vera rerun that TiVo captured and I watched it last night. I had zero memory of it so it was like new to me. Vera is my comfort TV. Between Acorn and Britbox, I have all the Vera series. I think I'll just start at 1 and go until I get my fill.

I also had no memory of Crush Jumbo being on Vera. She was/is Luka Quinn on The Good Wife and The Good Fight. Another one of those shockers when, turns out, she has a British accent!

While I'm watching Vera, I also need to hone my restaurant list. My brother is coming to visit just after the New Year and we'll need sustenance. He jokes that his visits here are meal after meal broken up by sitting down deciding where we will eat next. He's not even a little wrong. His visits are my excuse to try meals at all my favorite restaurants and make some new favorites. I like to have a good starter list.

I think today will be a sewing day. I have the new top to assemble and a couple of mending projects to work on.

Biggie has found a ping pong ball and is working hard to find a place to hide it now.

The Smalls is having breakfast number 4 or 5. I lose count.

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