Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Biggie now has a paying job and The Smalls is living off the dole...

Biggie is well and truly into the tree feeder. He works hard at it. He even took the night shift. When I went to bed it was fairly supplied and this morning it was pretty empty. He's very industrious. He'll work at it and then take a break and go back later for more.

The Smalls, on the other hand, is THE ultimate slacker. He cannot be bothered. He's perfectly fine, when Biggie hits a mother lode, to come in and help Biggie eat the rewards but do the work himself? NFW. We may have to change his name to Freddie the Freeloader.


Today's things to do include making a Happy Birthday sign. Amanda is the front desk person at the gym on Mondays. Tomorrow is her birthday. I have a couple of ideas on how best to do it but I think I've settled on one.

Oh and I discovered that the gym will be closed on Christmas Day only. It opens late - 8 am - on Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day but only closes on that actual Wednesday. Nice.

While swimming today, I redesigned the top I cut out to sew yesterday. What I did yesterday is fine, I just need to add a pleat to the back. Doable. I may or may not get on that today.

I may just watch TV today and knit. The next two weeks will be slower than usual around here. I need to pace myself :)
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