Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Different strokes for different... cats?

So the food puzzle arrived last night but it was late and I left it in the box.

I got it out this morning to the great fascination of both cats. But, when I finished setting it up and pulled out the kibble to put it in, the needle on Biggie's joy meter flew off with enthusiasm.

It took him about 1 second to figure out what to do. No need to read no fucking manual for him! He knocked it over into two pieces because I had set it up incorrectly. Then he did it again finding yet another error. He's fabulous at Quality Assurance.


Finally, I got it set up correctly and added weights to the bottom and all is fine. Biggie totally gets it. The Smalls understands that when Biggie knocks down enough kibble, he might get some for himself but ... whatever. The Smalls is not a kibble cat.

But, Biggie's all over that shit.


I wish it weren't so ugly. And/or I had a place for it. BUT, I think it's time to quit pretending I'm not an old cat lady with more cat stuff than people stuff in her living room.

So last night, I got an email from the Mariners that the promotional item package was available for sale. (This is the package I buy every year - one of each of the give aways for all games all season. It's about 30% good stuff and %70 crap BUT I love it so I always buy it.) I went to the Mariners account link which is powered by Ticketmaster and clicked on the invoice and went to pay using my usual Mastercard. This Mastercard gives me 5% back on all entertainment (Mariner) purchases. And it's the one I always use with this account.

The site came back with an error that said "billing information doesn't match what's on file with your bank". So I re-entered. I cleared the cache, I tried on my phone, I went to a different browser, I cleared cache and cookies, I wiped out everything and tried again. Nothing, absolutely nothing I tried for a freakin' hour worked.

I added the same card to Paypal. No error. I bought a Versa 2 watchface for $1.50 using that card on Paypal and the charge when through perfectly and I can see it on my credit card account.

This morning, I tried the Mariner again. Same. I called Capital One. They said they could see the Ticketmaster attempt but it had no $ with it so no charge went through.

Could this be more frustrating? Nope. My Mariner account manager will be in on Monday. I'll try again tomorrow and then dump it in his lap. Yes, I could use another card but I want this one to work. Now and next time.

I was going to go out for breakfast today - I planned that last week but this morning I just wasn't feeling it. Plus Biggie was being too entertaining with his kibble hive. So I went into the kitchen to make me some breakfast.

I had help.


I need to get dressed and clean up the kitchen so that's next. Then I have a big storage ottoman I use for sewing stuff. I looked in it this morning to get out my pattern weights (to use on the food hive) and it is just a mess of disorganization. I need to pull all that shit out and fix it.

I also have a sewing project. It's a new shirt like one I had on yesterday but better. Goodwill will get yesterday's and I'll keep the better one.

So yesterday, I emptied out two bathroom drawers that were full to the brim. Now that I have my bedroom closets organized, I have rightful places for stuff. Most of the non trash items easily found better homes. There was a good bit of trash and, in the end, probably only 20% of what was in there went back in there. Leaving nice room. So I put all my drugs, inhalers, hair brush, toothpaste into the drawer. There is nothing left on the counter but my electric toothbrush, water glass and soap dispenser.

But, then ever time I went in there yesterday, and glanced over, it didn't look sleek and organized. It looked like I'd moved out. OR that I was in a hotel where the staff forgot to leave me the mini bottles of bathroom condiments.

So I pulled out the toothpaste and hair brush. I feel better.

What a lovely lazy morning this is. Biggie is finally kibbled out and asleep in the blue chair. The Smalls is currently straddling my arms as I type this. But... the kitchen needs cleaning up and that ottoman needs a helping hand. I maybe I should get dressed. I sure should go use some of that toothpaste...
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