Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

2 hours, 11 minutes, 23 seconds

I still have the top bid on the yarn lot on eBay.

And Stickie is still marching to an early grave.


These cats are still full fledged members of the kitten club with all rights and privileges to kitten antics. They have cat bodies and kitten brains. And they are so entertaining.

The Smalls has finally learned not to eat my nose while we are in bed. And, in fact, to stay away from my face. This morning we woke up before the alarm and he was snuggled into my shoulder. Biggie, who usually is way more chill and laid back, came along and tried to eat my nose (what is it with the nose eating???) and The Smalls reached out and swatted him - hard! It cracked me up.

Today they do seemed to have switched personalities. The Smalls is powered down and Biggie is all full of himself. I ordered him a kibble toy that is due to arrive today. He loves his dry food so this toy is going to make him work for it. I hope. We shall see. Free Returns so if it bombs, it's going back.

I need to make a grocery run but I may hold off until tomorrow. I may go get lunch at the bagel place and stop at Krispy Kreme which is across the street and then swing by Grocery Outlet. Then I could get what Grocery Outlet doesn't have at Trader Joe's on Sunday. Maybe.

I'm trying to train myself to use Google Assistant as much as Amazon Echo. But it's an uphill slag. Google Assistant does not like me one damn bit and Alexa lives to serve me. I am getting a free Google Home mini because I have a Spotify account. Maybe when I get it always here and ready, I'll make progress. So far, just using my phone, and/or Chromebook, it's a very iffy experience.

Today's main project is going to be bathroom vanity. 2 drawers and then the uder sink space. The drawers, particularly, have gotten out of control. It's time to purge and organize. The bathroom has one door and no windows so it can get pretty close in there. This makes organizing a winter chore. Perfect for today.

The Smalls says it's time for me to get off my butt.

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