Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Biggie 1, Me 0

Last week when I came in from procuring a batch of backup Stickies, I hid them from Biggie by wrapping them in my scarf and stashing them in the closet. But, it's my favorite scarf and I had not had a time when I could be sure he was in deep sleep.

Today I loaded up the bed with hot laundry and the two of them immediately settled in. I left them to it. After about 20 minutes, I tiptoed by to check and neither one even lifted an eyelid. I waited another 10 minutes and went to do the deed. I removed the scarf and left the Stickies and closed the door and turned around and there was Biggie. At my heels.

That scalawag. He held vigil outside the closet for a while but finally gave up. However, I'm guessing he will not be forgetting that it holds treasure.


There's a restaurant downtown (Wild Ginger) that was fabulous when I first moved here 25 years ago. And then they moved location and they were good and then ok and then I decided they were not worth my $$ and they wanted a lot of those $$, too. Today, the Seattle times slashed them into ribbons. A few old timers on twitter noted that it was the first time they can ever remember the Times filleting a restaurant. 0 stars. Do Not Recommend. I wonder what's taken them so long. The place has sucked for 15 years.


I'm still the highest bidder on the eBay yarn. I have no doubt I will be outbid at the last minute (tomorrow 10:15 am) but for now...


The cats have abandoned the laundry. Guess I can go put it away now.
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