Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Which day did I do twice?

I take 3 pills every morning. Two for blood pressure and one vitamin D. They are in little weekly boxes - one for every day of the week. This morning, Thurday's were gone already. This is not critical and, honestly, I'm kind of delighted that I wasn't tricked. I at least knew to look at my watch and confirm that it was not Friday. But when and why did I do one day twice?

The cats are extra energetic this morning. Way better than being extra energetic in the middle of the night.

Biggie is not taking 'not now' for an answer when it comes to Stickie. He's actually demonstrating what I need to do. You put your paw on it like this...


My elbow was much better this morning and I didn't have to cut my swim short. I did ice it down again when I got home. But I'm not going to skip tomorrow.

I have house chores to do... litter boxes to clean (these two poop and pee more than any two cats in the entire world... ) and maybe laundry and the bed needs a change of clothes. This 'n that and nothing huge or back breaking or critical, really. I have a couple of small errands I might run if I feel like it or not. No telling what could happen.
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