Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Random thoughts on being old...

I am 70 years old. I'll be 71 in March. I think about that a whole lot and rarely in negative terms. I think about it when I don't have the physical strength I need - to get my fucking gas cap off, to get into a jar of pickles, to turn the stiffest knob on the planet which resides on my toaster oven... I'm not frail by any means and I wonder how old people who are frail ever get that kind of stuff done.

But, mostly I think of it in terms of the future. As long as my tooth isn't killing me with pain, why spend the time, money and agony getting it fixed? How long will I be using it anyway? Extended warranty?? Like Nancy Regan is purported to have said (and I hate that it wasn't someone way cooler - quoting a Regan really does hurt), buying green bananas is a stretch.

I was watching the Crown yesterday. There was this wonderful exchange between the 80ish year old Princess Alice and her 80ish year old brother Lord Mountbatten. He's all in a knot about how England has gone to rot and she's all 'what does it matter??? at our age, what does it matter?' Right on, Alice.

Trump may very well be the last president of my lifetime. I am certainly not a fan but I also can't get all broken up about his presidency. Harry Truman was president when I was born. Since then, I have had strong opposition to about two thirds of the old white men we have elected to the office. Really Trump is just another one of those to me at this point. We recovered from all of them - sure some where harder to bounce back from than others but sooner or later we no longer have to deal with them.

I love a good senior discount. I'm grateful when someone gives up their seat for me. I'm mostly ok with being invisible. Honestly, I think it reflects more negatively on the people who don't see me than on me.

And I am happy to play the old age card anytime I want. Once my doctor was out of town and I had a cold and was afraid it would move to my chest and turn my normally dormant COPD into major BFD. My regular doctor will give me prednizone when I ask for it, but backup doctor balked. "It's not good to take prednizone too often." "At my age, I'm way more worried about pain and suffering now than I am about the possible side effects of prednizone in some distance future." He actually said, "good point". And I got the goods.

And I'm far more forgiving of me. What the hell difference does it make? Is what I say about so many things these days. I don't work towards a brighter future. I concentrate on the brightest now I can create. And that's probably the biggest reason why being old mostly rocks.

[end of heavy thoughts on being old]

I fell over a really fun listing on eBay the other day. It's 15 different skeins of high end yarn in wonderful colors put up for auction by Seattle Goodwill! The bidding is vigorous. The auction is over Friday. My current bid is $100 and has held the top spot for several days. It's my sweet spot. I'd happily pay that for the yarn. I'm not going over. If I win the auction. YEAH! If I don't, Whew.

And speaking of yarn. Today I stumbled over a fascinating pattern for a sweater. It involves some very unique construction aspects and no sewing together and looks interesting to knit as well as interesting as a sweater.

In the yarn world, WIP are a thing... Works in Progress. As is SABLE - Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy...

Currently I have enough yarn in house for probably 5 sweaters and maybe 3 or 4 or more afghans. And I have some WIPs. I have one double bed sized crocheted afghan nearly finished. I have two socks halfway done. I have crochet cardigan mostly done. I have a hat nearly finished. And a cowl halfway done.

If I were younger and worried about my character and feeling the pressure to finish what I've started, it would be one thing.

But, I'm old and don't give a shit so tonight I'm going to start turning some of this yarn stash into that sweater. Less STABLE more WIP. It's a balance.

I went out this morning and found yet another ATM that wanted to charge me for my Capital One account, but, thankfully, it was fine giving me free cash from my credit union account. While I was out, I stopped in the teriyaki place and got lunch except their servings are so huge that it is also dinner. And, Fibit got steps.

When I stopped watching the Crown yesterday, Princess Alice wasn't dead yet. Maybe she has some more bon mots. I think I'll fire up Netflix and see.
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