Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

swimmus interuptus

I think my knitter's elbow might actually be swimmer's elbow. This morning, as I swam, it got hurtier and hurtier until finally, I decided that 1,200 yards was good enough and the sooner I could get to an ice pack, the better. Said ice has now done its work and all is good.

If this happens again tomorrow, I'm going to seriously consider taking Friday off, so that, with Saturday, I'll be giving it two days' rest. I've had this in the past and I know it will heal eventually. My vote is sooner rather than later.

I made the tater tot casserole last night. It was very meh. It made a decent dinner but not decent enough to keep the leftovers. At least now that idea is out of my system.

Every once month Google sends me a timeline of where I've been. It's fascinating even though I never go anywhere. The red dots are all the places I went in November.

Unlike Garmin, Fitbit does a great job of capturing like yesterday's walk. I did not tell it I was walking but it figured it out and gave me full credit. Thanks, Fitbit! The ATM hunt was a total fail. I love Capital One for a lot of different reasons but their ATM game sucks like an electrolux. Today, I'll go the other direction and see if the other one is free. This time I'll use my local credit union account which means I have to get the card out of the car - my emergency cash card. And then remember to put it back. But at least Fitbit will give me credit.

I watched the final episode of Madame Secretary last night. That was a great series and they were 100% correct in ending it when they did. Also nice final episode. I had never liked Tea Leone until she took office.

I have some sewing I might do today and the aforementioned ATM walk but otherwise the usual. My audio book is good but it's now at the point in the plot where it's hard to stop. I hate leaving the characters on their own until I start it up again. It's Since We Fell by Dennis Lehane and the narrator - Julia Whelan - is outstanding.

First, he brings it to me...


I need to trim and wrap my end of it because it's getting painful to hold.


And the business end isn't fairing much better.


But oh how we love The Stickie.


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