Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I love my cats again...

They let me sleep all night long. I woke up - one eye only - at 1:30 to realize they were not waking me up. I could feel the smalls against my back and see Biggie on the floor, awake and staring at me. I when right back to sleep and woke up again just minutes before the alarm. It was heaven.

Now they are playing with an old ball that has been around this house for years.

On the down side, I bought 24 5.5 oz. cans of a cat food brand/flavor/texture they liked and now, apparently, after 1.5 cans, they have decided they no longer like it. It's ok. It won't go bad and they will like it again eventually.

Yesterday was not a good day for a whole bunch of reasons. Today will be way more better. I could use some cash. There's an ATM at a county office building a few blocks from here. I've been meaning to try it (to make sure it's a free one). Today may be the day.

Otherwise, the usual. I'm running out of stuff to watch on TiVo. Which means I'm basically paying for cable services I do not use. I go back and forth in my brain about switching from cable to something like YouTube TV. The baseball coverage is the major showstopper and so far, I can't get around that easily/legally. But, I sure do spend a lot cycles thinking about it.

I do have Prime and Netflix and Britbox and Acorn so it's not like I've got nothing to watch. I haven't even finished the latest season of The Crown! geesh.

The cats are energized after letting me sleep all night, too. They are finding new (to them) toys and playing with old ones. Biggie just spent 5 minutes playing with The Small's tail. They are just busy beavers this morning.

I think I'll go get dressed.

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