Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Damn Cats

1 fucking 30 in the morning they start. They took a breather from 2:30-3. But, all night long, in my face, biting my nose, jumping all over me. I was not and am not amused with either of them. Biggie has gone off now somewhere to nap but The Smalls is here beside me still causing me grief. He wants to get on the keyboard and is having tremendous difficulty with the concept of NO!

I seem to be very low on patience.

Also I have tennis elbow which may actually be knitting elbow which would really piss me off because no knitting?!? Fortunately knitting and crocheting use different arm muscles and different sized needles/yarn have different impacts but still ... PIA or actually, I guess, PIE. Icing has helped.

I am grumpy. (she says redundantly)

At least my swim was good this morning. Four of us in the pool - all regulars. The regulars thing is important because you know what they are going to do, how they are going to swim and for how long. It just makes it easier and nicer. Also I made a playlist of some of my Broadway favorites and today was mostly Come From Away with the first few songs of Book of Mormon. Not swim thinking, just reliving the stories. Nice. Also on that playlist - Jesus Christ Superstar and Kinky Boots. Kind of an odd mix now that I think about it.

Nothing on the agenda today. There may well be some day sleeping.
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