Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Whole Foods Tater Tots

Last weekend, at the new Jewish deli, we had latkes that tasted like they were made from tater tots. Not good for latkes but it put the idea of a ham/cheese/tatertot hot dish in my head that I cannot get out. But, no tater tots in the house.

After my swim today, I decided to give the new Whole Foods a try. It's just across the street from pool so pretty handy. I'm not a Whole Foods person. To me the label 'organic' means over priced with a really short shelf life. I have great affection for processed foods.

But, the store is pretty. I got eggs because I always need eggs, and cottage cheese and coleslaw and a slice of meatloaf and... tater tots. When I got to the cash register, I discovered that one of the eggs was broken. The cashier tried to get me to wait while she got a replacement. I said no. She said yes. I said no. It nearly got uncomfortable. There was a line. I was holding up the works and I wanted out. I finally won. But, really Whole Foods is not me. I'm way more a half foods or less kinda girl.

Oh, BUT, they do have the sister of Butter Turkey!


And, on a sad note, that place where I got the great Thanksgiving meal... I was so hoping for a repeat at Christmas but nope. They have lots of great options for 8 or more. But, none for less. Buggers.

Home now and all is fine. I'm all caught up on everything. I have good stuff for lunch and good stuff for dinner already to heat and eat. And cookies for dessert. (I did try the cake I bought yesterday. Dry as a bone. There was kind of a weird flavor to it, but, Paul Hollywood would have choked on it due to the dry alone.)

I think I'll knit and TV today. This new pattern is getting interesting and I've got no where I need to go or anything that has to be done.

FYI - the current state of The Stickie is sad. The feather is lasting way longer than Stickie I but the stick is taking it on the chin.

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