Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Thwap! I cudda had a V8

Recently, I've come across two new places - one cookies, one cakes and donuts. Both not far from here and near each other. Today I decided to try them both. Meh.

ljtourist is always looking for The Great Donut. This will not end his hunt but I haven't tasted the cake yet. I had a bite of cookie and it was good but neither place is worth a return trip.

When I got home I realized that I meant to use an upcoming Saturday to go check out the place where meowmensteen works and today would have been perfect for that and way better than these two places.

Next week.

My road to quash the check engine light has finally gotten me home. The third on board diagnostic device did the trick. The first 2 and the elcheapo one I had on hand all failed. One gave me no codes but cleared the light. The next one gave me no codes and turn the check engine light on again. Finally today, I got the perfect combo. The plug in reader with the phone app and got the code P103. It's an air flow thing that I'm not real worried about and it has now been cleared. YEAH!!

So now I'm going to pull out the knitting and turn on the TV and enjoy...
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