Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I think we've been one too many times

Always before, when I got out the cat carrier, I had two "GOODIE!!!" willing participants. Today I had zero willing participants. I got The Smalls in and then Biggie was having none of it. I got him and The Smalls got out. I told The Smalls, he was totally optional and could stay here if he wanted to be left out. But, I knew Biggie would be freaked without him so I finally got them both stuffed in and away we went.

They were perfectly happy once they gave in. We had zero waiting time. Biggie got his shot. I asked the vet about food. She said "everyone has their own theory". She said she was a fan of variety for them and suggested that a small offering of kibble at dinner might work. So that's what we're going to try. Wet in the morning, wet for lunch and snacks and a little kibble at dinnertime.

They don't drink nearly the amount of water they used to. She said not to worry that they were getting plenty from all the wet food.

So, excellent. See you next July!! (annual visit)

Then we stopped at Popeyes where I not only got my favorite dark chicken - not spicey, BUT they were out of biscuits at the moment and she asked me if I wanted extra chicken - Oh yeah baby! And I thought I'd try their pecan pie.

We got home and finished up the laundry. The washing machine and dryer worked fine. in fact... the dryer guys yesterday fixed a problem I've had since I got the machine! It's a one piece stacked unit with the dryer on top. The damn dryer door never stays open and I always end up whacking my head on it when transferring stuff from washer to dryer. I even had the original installers come out to fix it when I first got it and they tried hard and long and got it 75% there. But yesterday's dude took it all the way home. Door stays open on it's own! It's a Christmas miracle.

And it that was not enough joy in mudville, I discovered that the bulk of my Good N'Plenty stash is fresh! I had two batches in plastic bags. I dipped into the smaller one earlier in the week and they were so stale they had to go. But the much bigger batch is fresh and tasty! Yeah!!

The laundry is now all folded and put away. Dinner is fried chicken - YUM. I have a new knitting project - legalmoose talked me into making a cowl that I have no use for but promises to be an engaging knit so why not?! It calls for a special stretchy first set of rows (cast on). I knew how to do it but thought maybe there might be a new better way... And, sure enough, You Tube had a couple so I even learned a new thing.

When we go home earlier, I pulled the zipper back slowly and instantly had two prisoners escape.

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